Case Studies Smart multi clipboard

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Smart Multi Clipboard



                 “Necessity is the mother of invention”

It can be called as grabbing the opportunity for a company like us(CV Infotech) while going through an issue. We found a solution for us. The problem was of managing the files on the fly and making things organised for all of the team members having individual participation of all of us.


As a company We came up with an idea of having a mobile app that can manage our files efficiently by keeping it mobile. It is going to be a win-win situation for us in both ways. Where We are going to use the app as well as if succeeded it can bring us a new range of audiences for the company with serving our existing clients as a bonus. We were not supposed to take pause due to lack of expertise or about being worried for shaping our ideas into reality.


We began the development with a clear aim and utilising all the available resources.

Challenges We came through:

  • Collecting all the requirements: Since We were also supposed to be the user of the app, We had to make the app useful for the purpose it has been developed. So We started gathering requirements from the people having similar need. We didn’t want to leave the app incomplete even after the development.

  • Selecting a user friendly interface (Best UX): A user friendly interface is really an important part of any app because learning to use and handle the app should always be easy for the end users.

  • Finding a materialistic UI design (Best UI): We were planning for a design which can give feeling of belongingness to the users and should be recognizable as well.

  • Getting best of the tools for tasks like Design, Graphics, and such: Selection of tools for these purpose matters a lot for the success of the app.

  • App for all available Android versions: Designing an app for a single device would never be a good idea. Because the choices for the phone is unlimited for worldwide users.

  • For all the devices irrespective of the screen size: The app has to be suitable and being able to run on different devices with different screen size.

  • Performance and battery life: It was one of the major challenge we went through while developing the app. We had to develop a bug free App that runs on minimal power available through the battery and consume least memory so users can run it smoothly.

Our Approach:

For Software Development: For Software development of the app, We selected Software Development Life Cycle popularly known as SDLC.


For Codes: We selected the programming language Java as well Angular and File transfer protocols for this cool App.


Debugging: For making the app error free We were debugging it through multiple devices, Alpha and Beta testing through Google Playstore by distributing the app to our worldwide app testing partners.



Result We got:

We had witnessed an amazing result soon after the app went live on Google’s Play Store. Where in the very first week we have received almost 100 reviews and the download graph has reached near 1000+ in numbers. For now the result is like We have almost 150+ reviews where near about 90% of the ratings are 5 star and the daily downloads has reached to 1,000+ daily. The point that should be taken into consideration here is the suggestions and donations we are getting from our satisfied users are overwhelming.


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